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Perfect Week to Make Homemade Biltong

Sainsbury’s have their Beef Roasting joints half price again, over the Easter Period, so it’s a perfect time to grab yourself some, and knock up some delicious home-made biltong.

I wrote this recipe a couple of years ago, based on extensive research, before making my own biltong for the first time — it was a massive success, and made absolutely perfect biltong — I’ve made it several times since then, and haven’t had to alter the recipe a bit.

The real things to keep an eye on, are don’t leave it in the salt mix for a minute longer that required, make sure the salt is thoroughly rinsed off with the re-used vinegar solution, and keep an eye on the drying times.

I use a fan-assisted oven, that will run at very low temperature — monitored with a room thermometer — keeping the temperature around 32 degrees C, and no more than 35. The door is left an inch or so ajar, for better ventilation. I only run the oven in the evenings and at night, leaving it off during the day. It takes about 6 days of this to dry it out — it should be *just* a little soft when you squeeze it — not rock hard. Don’t be afraid to cut pieces open and look at them. It really depends on how dry you like your Biltong — it’s really difficult to cut when completely dry, but no less delicious.

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  1. tussockgal
    July 1, 2012 at 5:59 am

    I made biltong quite a few years ago following very simple instructions given to me by an acquaintance, but lost them. Since then I’ve been looking for a similar biltong recipe, but nowhere could I find one that was as simple and easy as the one I first used. People get unnecessarily creative and complicated. Here in Auckland we can buy biltong freely, but I balk at the prices. Anyhow, I am so excited about stumbling onto your blog! Your way is exactly how I made it back then! I couldn’t remember what I had used instead of salpetre (potasium nitrate) which you find in most recipes… BICARB! Of course! Thanks for taking the time to distill the confusion down to perfect simplicity. I had a whole rump in the fridge which I got on a mega special. Can’t wait to get started!

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